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As a youth, Barry Mason was interested in science and medicine. He grew up in a family that encouraged him to pursue his interest in science by attending the University of Liverpool, where he received a degree in medicine. However, Barry was inspired by a lecture he heard about psychology. This lecture sparked Barry’s interest in the field of psychology. After graduating Barry decided to pursue a career in psychology. As a psychology student, Barry was able to continue to pursue his interest in science by earning a master’s degree in counseling psychology. After earning these two degrees, Barry decided to make a career change.

Barry is currently living in Southport. He enjoys reading, football, and traveling. He is a big fan of Liverpool Football Club. On top of his career as a management consultant, Barry also speaks at business events, corporate workshops, and leadership conferences. He has also authored 2 books. His first book was published in 2013, titled “How to be a Successful Speaker”. The second book was published in 2016, titled “How To Build an Audience”.

He loves to spend time with family, read, and travel. He has travelled to several destinations including New York, London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, and Moscow. He considers himself very fortunate to have been born and raised in a country where he has the freedom to express his thoughts and ideas. He is grateful for the opportunity to share his knowledge and experiences with the world.

Barry has traveled to over 15 countries, and he has a passion for visiting new places. He loves to read non-fiction books on leadership and organizational psychology, especially those by Robert Kegan. Barry is an advocate of goal setting and staying focused on your goals. He also believes that if you want something, you have to work hard to get it.

Barry Mason and his wife have been married for 25 years and have three children, one grandchild, two dogs, four cats, two horses, and a rabbit named Tufty who has a large family of her own!

If you want to contact barry you can email him at barrym {at} exitplanedinburgh.co.uk.

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