Want to find an escape room in England?

Escaping from prison isn’t really an option for most of us, but if you had the chance and a little help from your friends… that’s exactly what you would do. Escape rooms are fast becoming quite the phenomenon in England. These exciting games test your problem-solving skills and your team work as well as your ability to think outside of the box.

Escape rooms are so popular in England because they offer something different than other games: an immersive experience where you play a role instead of just watching. And they don’t need much room to run either. The majority can be set up in closets or small rooms – perfect for people who want a smaller venue but still want to host an event.

Where to find an escape room in England

If you do have a group that is interested in trying out an escape room, you will soon realise that you are not the only one in England doing it! There are several escape room communities online, or you can even find one near you. You can also look for escape games in your local area or on social media. If you are having trouble finding one near you, you can also check out websites that rank escape rooms by popularity such as Escape Rooms Hub. This will help you to find one near you and also help you to see what other people are saying about each room. These websites allow you to see what other people are saying about each room, how active they are, and how popular they are in the community. This is a great way to see what other people are saying about the rooms so that you don’t have to rely solely on your own experience.

Tips for hosting your own escape room event

Ensure that you have a good plan in place. You need to be aware of the time you will need to set everything up, how you will run the room, what you will do when you are finished, and the clean-up.

Make sure each person has their own part of the room so that you can focus on what you are supposed to do. It is also a great idea to have your team wear different coloured T-shirts or vests so that you can tell them apart.

You need to make sure that each room has a sign or something else that tells people to look for clues while they are there.

You need to make sure that each room has enough puzzles so that there is a good variety. You want to make sure that so that there is always one that the majority of people can do.

You need to make sure that you have enough clues and hints in each room so that people don’t have to wait too long before they can actually solve a puzzle.

Popular Escape Rooms In England

Can You Escape?

This is one of the first rooms to open in England – and they were possibly first to open in the UK! They are now one of the best escape rooms in Europe, with rooms themed around everything from pirates to crypts. They are renowned for their quality puzzles and their friendly, professional staff. Their rooms require teamwork and a good amount of communication to complete. You will be trapped whilst trying to find clues and solve puzzles.

This is a great activity for groups of friends, or even a team building day for businesses. They also have a self-contained room for private parties.

Another great thing about Can You Escape? is that they offer beginner’s discounts to those who have never done an escape room before. If you are interested in trying out an escape room for the first time, you will appreciate this offer!

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

In this series of games, teams must solve puzzles, find codes and use their brains to escape from a mission Impossible-themed room. The room features props that are reminiscent of the hit TV series, including an office, a library and even a vault. The puzzles can be anything from trying to decode secret messages or trying to figure out a combination to unlock a door. In this room, players must try to escape using an artifact or finding a way out before the clock runs out.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight escape room locations are themed after the hit movie series, Batman. These rooms are set in a Gotham City-inspired location, with props and lighting that make it seem like you are actually in the movie. This series of rooms is very popular, as it is specific to a location in England. The puzzles in this room are similar to those of mission Impossible, where teams are trying to escape from a Gotham City-inspired location. The team must solve puzzles and use their creativity to escape from the room. This room also has a VR experience where you can use your VR headset to experience what it’s like to be Batman.

Ghostbusters® Escapes!

Ghostbusters is one of the most popular movie franchises of all time. This series of Ghostbusters escape rooms is based on the iconic movie series, with a room in a building that looks like a firehouse. The room has decorative fire trucks that are used in Ghostbusters to trap ghosts. The room even has a Ghostbusters logo at the bottom of the stairs where players have to crawl to escape.

The puzzles in this room are a mix of logic-based and physical challenges to help teams escape from the room. They include things like trying to figure out what the computer is looking for to trap the ghosts or trying to figure out how to turn the fire trucks off to trap the ghosts.

Final Flashpoint

In this room, players must escape from an archaeological dig that is in the middle of an expansion. The room’s theme is based on an ancient Mayan archaeological dig, and the props and décor are authentic to the location. The puzzles in this room include logic-based challenges to figure out how to solve a puzzle box to escape. Players will have to use their creativity to figure out how to escape.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

The Harry Potter series of escape rooms is based on the book series, where teams must escape from a room that resembles a Hogwarts classroom. The puzzles in this room are a mix of logic-based challenges and physical challenges. The team has to use a spell to unlock a door and use logic to figure out how to use the spell to escape.

Don’t go in there! It’s a trap!

In this room, players are inside a prison cell with a broken door. It is obvious that the cell door is not locked, but teams should be careful not to open it! It's a trap .....

The teams have to use logic and creativity to figure out how to escape from the cell. The puzzles are authentic, authentic-looking and include things like figuring out how to unlock a door with a key that isn't quite the right one.

Verdict: Should You Visit These Rooms?

While escape rooms are new to the game, they have been around in the United States and around the world for a few years. If you are looking for new ways to spend the night with friends, escape rooms are a great idea. All you have to do is find the right location with the right puzzles, and you will have a blast. We hope that this list of the best escape room games in England gives you a few places to check out. The best part about escape rooms is that many of them are open late, so you can always invite your friends and family to join in the fun. You can even try to get your friends to come play in a different room if you want to try something new.

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