Dare You Enter Svengali’s Lair?

Our second room Svengali’s Lair has been open for over 2 months and we have been blown away (and mightily relieved!) by the overwhelmingly positive reviews and reactions we have received.  Our customers really are the best!

There are one or two surprises up Svengali’s sleeve as you attempt to escape his lair and the reactions to these have been absolutely priceless!  We thought the screams of excitement for the Tesla Cube were crazy – you ain’t heard nothin’ till you hear folks playing the lair!

We are particularly pleased that all of the players who have taken on both the Tesla Cube challenge and Svengali’s Lair comment on how different the two games are in terms of feel and puzzles.  That was something we were very conscious of when designing this game.

Our 3rd game is now designed and construction will begin soon – watch this space for updates…..



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