You are fugitives on the run from the police who are hunting you for a series of murders that have taken place recently.  It is only you that knows you are innocent and that you have been framed by the real killer!

Detective Combs, who was working on the case, was close to finding the identity of the killer but nobody has seen him for several days.  Fearing the worst has happened to him, you know that your only hope of clearing your name is to break into the Detectives apartment where he kept all his findings and pick up where he left off to find out who the real killer is.

As soon as you step inside however, you set off the alarm system trapping you inside and alerting the police.  With the authorities on route, you need to find out who the killer is and make your escape quick!

Framed! is perfect for any wannabe Inspector Columbo's!  You will need to use your powers of observation and deduction to determine the identity of the real killer with the added pressure of the clock counting down!

As a guide, we advise that this game is suitable for ages 12+.

Suitable for groups of between 2 - 6 players.

Can you put together the evidence and find the identity of the real killer in time?  Why not find out and book your teams slot today!