You are woken up by a maniacal laugh.  It sends a chill down your spine.  That crazed cackle is unmistakable - you have been captured by the evil genius Svengali for his own twisted amusement!

Handcuffed to the wall, you are completely at the mercy of your captor.  But he has a game for you to play in order to earn your freedom.  If you defeat the devious puzzles the dastardly Svengali has set for you - you will be free!

In order to focus your mind however, your hideous host has provided you with some motivation to escape before the hour is up....

Svengali's Lair is a game which will test your mind to extremes.  You will need to use all your cunning to outwit the evil mastermind who has imprisoned you and escape before your time runs out.

As a guide, we advise that this game is suitable for ages 12+.  You may need to step over a small obstacle while playing this game.

Suitable for groups of between 2 - 6 players.

Will you manage to see the light of day and escape Svengali's Lair?  Why not find out and book your teams slot today!