The brilliant inventor and scientist, Doctor Boson, has spent a lifetime advancing and improving upon the designs of his idol Nikola Tesla. In particular, the development of an object called the 'Tesla Cube' - a device of near limitless power.

As his assistants, you have helped the Doctor with his painstaking work.  But recently the Doctor has become withdrawn and has spent many nights working alone in his lab.

Curious, you have done some investigation and discovered that the Doctor has secretly produced a working Tesla Cube which he intends to sell to a criminal group who intend to use it as part of a terrifying weapon!

Only you are able to stop the Doctor - you must break into his office and steal the Tesla Cube before it is too late!

In the Tesla cube you will need all your powers of observation and problem solving to thwart the Doctors plans.  It is essential that you work together to have a chance of beating all the puzzles contained in the multiple rooms of this game before the Doctor returns!

As a guide, we advise that this game is suitable for ages 12+

Suitable for groups of between 2 - 7 players.

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